Stall holder terms and conditions

Please note: These terms and conditions may be updated prior to the event to include any additional or revised information.
Food vendors
  • All food vendors are required to use sustainable packaging for food service. Single-use disposable plastic is NOT permitted.
  • Only food vendors whose ethos fits with the nature of the event will be selected to attend. This includes, but is not limited to, those who source locally and utilise organic and/or free range produce. Vendors with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food options will also be given priority.
  • Food vendors are required to supply the following documents with their application:
    • City of Greater Geraldton Foodstall Holders Permit (must be provided no later than 2 weeks prior to the event).
    • Public and Products Liability Insurance certificate of currency
    • A copy of the proposed menu that would be sold at the event.
    • Photo and/ or drawings of the vendors’ standard setup including height and width for food vans/ trucks.
  • Food vendors will be required to provide all necessary equipment that may include but not be limited to:
    • Cold display & storage,
    • Food safe sanitiser and cleaning products
    • Hot display and storage
    • Cooking appliances and equipment.
    • Hand washing facilities with running water, liquid soap and paper towel.
    • Water supply and waste water disposal
    • Fire extinguisher
Working with Children’s Check (WWCC)
All stall holders hosting activities for children must have their own WWCC
All stall holders must have their own public liability insurance
Power / Gas
As this is a sustainable event we do NOT permit use of generators at the event.
There will be a limited number of powered sites available for this event. You must provide your own electrical equipment including cords and safety cord coverings.
We prefer that gas is also not used, and have a handful of portable induction cookers for loan as needed. Please seek advice if need support with alternatives
All power cords must be tagged and tested by a registered electrician in accordance with the Health Act 1992 (Public Buildings).
All exhibitors must provide their own equipment, that may include but not limited to your own marquee, trestle tables and covers, drinking water, rubbish bins for your own waste, clearly labelled products, change for your float. A recycling station will be set up for food waste, other compostable material and drink containers. Also see required items for food vendors under the corresponding section.
COVID -19 requirements
All stall holders must comply with current COVID rules in place at the date of the event.
Waste management
Inline with the ethos of this event, all waste will need to be kept to an absolute minimum. No single use plastics will be permitted for use.
There will be a recycling station set up for food waste, compostable material and drink containers.
Exhibitor details will be used in a range of marketing activities undertaken by Midwest Carbon Zero in promoting this event. Each exhibitor is requested to utilise their own social and digital media resources to help promote the event. Midwest Carbon Zero will undertake the following marketing activities in the lead up to the event:
  • Web: Dedicated event page on the Midwest Carbon Zero website which will include an exhibitor list with links.
  • Social: Social media engagement with approx. 2,500 Facebook followers.
  • Radio: Radio coverage up to two weeks prior to the event
  • Print: Pre and Post event coverage will be sought by the Geraldton Guardian and the Mid West Times.
  • Flyer: A small number of printed flyers will be distributed throughout the community advertising the event details.
Cancellation/ Postponement
MWCZ will aim to make any decision to cancel or postpone this event prior to the 4 August 2023. In the case of unplanned circumstances, the event may be postponed or cancelled after this date. MWCZ will not accept liability for any loss resulting from the postponement or cancellation of this event.
Disclaimer of Liability
  • The exhibitors will indemnify The City of Greater Geraldton from any damage, expenses or liability arising from any injury or damages to any person, including the general public, other exhibitors, occurring either in the space occupied by the participant or elsewhere arising out its occupant or anything connected with occupancy.
  • The organiser will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property of the participants due to fire, robbery, accidents or any cause whatsoever that may arise from use and occupancy of the site.
  • The organiser assumes no liability for any damages or losses resulting from or relating to the failure of the participant complying with the provisions of this agreement.